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Move with Family

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Move with Family

Plan and do the math upfront

Proper planning should be made prier to the move so as to reduce chances of last minute rushing. A moving budget should be prepared indicating the amount you intend to spend during the move. Proper selection of the most important items that you will move with should also be made and any excess baggage that is not important should be left, preferably donated so as to earn charitable deductions.

Starting Early

Starting early gives you a huge advantage since it will eliminate much of your moving stress and also reduce the chances of leaving out important items. You should start packing a few days prior to your moving day so as to ensure that all the items that you wish to carry are in a movable state and also it helps to estimate the space that the items will take.

Delegating chores

It is also important to delegate different chores to different individuals of your family according to their individual talents and ability. You may prepare a to do list in order to involve every member in the moving which will ultimately make the move less tiresome and easier.

Label everything

While packing, it is important to label everything that is placed on boxes for easier identification for example writing the content of boxes outside the box. Color coding should be done which enables easy identification for the mover to use when you get to your new destination.

Clean as you go

You should clean the house thoroughly during the packing process. This will not only be more convenient to the person coming to occupy your house if any but also helps to ensure that nothing is left out. Proper care should be taken so as not to leave out any valuable items from the house by cleaning window plains and below the beds and closets.

Look for outside help

You should look for outside help like friends and family to help you in planning, moving and unpacking your belongings. If you can afford it, you can also hire professional movers who will help you to pack, move and will also help you unpack and arrange your new home.

Prepare your children

You should explain the reason for moving to your children and where to by the use of maps and illustrations to make your move more concrete. You need to reassure your children that their life will not change dramatically and you should also highlight the benefits for the move.

Anticipate positives

You should not focus on what you are going to loose rather than anticipating for newer and more pleasant things. You should discuss with your children to mentally prepare them for the move. Also you should make a research on the new community to find schools for children and also fun places for your children in the vicinity of your new home.

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