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Paying the Mover

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Paying the Mover

Weight and type of goods The size, weight and type of your goods will affect the price you pay for a mover in the sense that heavy consignments will require the employment of more than one moving truck, which will ultimately mean more costs for the mover. Also the type items you have will also affect the price you pay in that fragile or delicate equipments require to be accorded special care like use of cushions to prevent breakage while in transit, which will also increase the operating costs that have to be passed to you.

Value of the goods The value of the items you wish to move will also determine the price you pay in that high cost items will require higher insurance to be covered against risks. Additional insurance is required for items that are more delicate like plants and pets for them to be covered, hence the mover will shift the insurance costs to you.

Operating conditions The operating conditions will also determine how much you pay for moving in that poor weather conditions such as snow or heavy rainfall will mean that there will be unpreventable delays. The mover will therefore be forced to ask for more money to cater for this time lost from you. Also the cost of special equipments for some items like cages for pets and cartons will also increase the operating costs hence requiring you to pay more for moving such goods.

The distance to be covered from the loading point to the final destination will also affect the charges that the mover will ask from you. Also other operating conditions such as bad roads or narrow streets will mean additional efforts for the mover for the transportation of your goods. Also there might be laws restricting the passage of large trucks on some roads which mean that the mover will be forced to use many smaller trucks for work that can be achieved by one large truck therefore meaning more costs which will ultimately be passed to you.

Service to be offered The type of work you need done by the mover for example packing and unpacking will require extra payment since the mover is only expected to load and unload the moving trucks. If you require full service or may be special services or special attention to be given to some of your belongings, you should be willing to part with more money for the move.

The reputation of the mover Movers can charge different rates due to factors such as their reputation and the level of security they provide for your goods. Well reputed movers who have been in operation for a long time will obviously mean that they are good with their work and therefore manage to keep their reputation with the good service they provide. Reputable movers are fully insured and will not accept goods that go past their insurance cover since they have an image to uphold and are not just running after business.

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